Share Sheds Return

Share Sheds Return

The Peace River Regional District has decided to operate a Share Shed Pilot Project in Tomslake, Cecil Lake, Rose Prairie and Prespatou, British Columbia.  This project will operate for a year, starting July 1, 2014.  The purpose of this is to provide an opportunity for the community to share items in working and good condition amongst each other as an avenue to divert waste.

Share Sheds provide residents with options other than throwing unneeded items away.  People in larger communities have garage sales and thrift stores as options for their gently used items they no longer need.  In the rural communities, it may not be practical to bring these items into town.  Share sheds are a win/win.  If someone is cleaning out items they don’t need, they can take them to the Share Shed.  If there is something they are looking for and they can’t get to the stores in town, they may be able to find one in the Share Shed.  Both options are free to utilize.

The sheds are located at the transfer stations in these communities, which are open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of each week.  Items will be accepted into the share sheds during open hours.

Items being accepted include:
• Tools (hand held power tools)
• Garden Equipment
• Sporting Goods (bicycles, skis, snowboards, snowshoes, etc.)
• Camping Equipment
• Small/Medium sized furniture (side tables, lamps, etc.)  These can be indoor or outdoor
• Books

Items NOT accepted are:
• Electronics
• Clothes
• Beds of any kind
• Bulky and Oversized furniture (sectionals, etc.)
• Car Seats, cribs, Baby/Children Furniture with safety standards
• Motorized Vehicles
• Hazardous Waste

Upon completion of the pilot, this program may be expanded to the other transfer stations in the Peace Region.