Recycle those Car Seats

From Bucket to Booster

One item in the family storage closet that has been hard to recycle has been the car seat.  All kids have to sit in them from birth through 9 years.  They start in a bucket seat and grow through a booster.  Most parents purchase anywhere from 2 to 6 car seats and that doesn't include the other family members, like Grandparents.  Not everyone knows this, but car seats have expiration dates on them.  On average, a car seat expires between 6 and 9 years.  If a car seat has been in an accident, it needs to be disposed of immediately.  Provincial regulations changed in January of 2012.  You may be using a car seat that doesn't meet current standards.  These are all reasons why people end up with so many car seats in their collection. 

Until recently, residents in the Peace Region had no choice but to send these seats to the landfill.  In 2012, the Northern Environmental Action Team worked with Eco-Depot in Fort St. John to figure out how these items could be incorporated into our local recycling system.  As usual, they were willing to figure out a way. 

Now, car seats can be taken to Eco-Depot in Fort St. John and DC Recycling in Dawson Creek.  The seats need to be stripped down to the plastic, removing as much fabric, foam and metal as possible.  Once they are stripped, they can be turned in at the depots.  They will need to be given to a worker as there is no official bin for these item. 

This is one more step in keeping plastics out of our landfills.  Please recycle those old seats.