MMBC in the Peace

MMBC in the Peace

Multi-Material BC (MMBC) goes into effect Monday, May 19th for some.  Are you one of them?  We will try to simplify this as much as possible.  First of all, none of the communities in the Peace will have MMBC curbside recycling pick-up.

MMBC is working with the Regional District in the Transfer Station system.  They will be MMBC depots in our region and will only accept MMBC approved items.  MMBC is only responsible for accepting printed paper and packaging (PPP).  Paper you receive in the mail is printed paper.  The box that a product came in is packaging.  The tricky part is that they may not recycle what came out of that package.  Example:  If you buy a box of zipper topped plastic bags, you can recycle the box they come in, but you will not be able to recycle the individual bags.  They will also not be responsible for any beverage containers that are part of the deposit recycling system.

Our region will function under 2 separate systems now.  Let’s call it the Old Way and the MMBC Way.  If you are in an area that does not have an MMBC depot, your recycling options are the same as they were before.  There will be no change.  That doesn’t mean that things will never change, but on Monday, your recycling world remains the same.

If you currently recycle at a Transfer Station that is changing to the MMBC Way, there will be a few changes.  There are some new things that you can recycle and there will be some things that you can’t recycle.  You can add gift wrap (no foil), greeting cards (no musical), and Styrofoam to your recyclables.  You will have to  stop collecting chip bags, candy wrappers, or anything that has touched cheese.  For a complete list, open the PDF attachment below the article or go to

Now, let’s figure out which of these groups you belong in. 

Recycling In Which Way
Chetwynd Old Way
Dawson Creek Old Way and MMBC Way
Fort St. John Old Way
Goodlow MMBC Way
Hudson's Hope Old Way
Kelly Lake MMBC Way
Mile 62.5 Old Way
Moberly Lake Old Way (for now)
Pink Mountain MMBC Way
Prespatou MMBC Way
Rose Prairie MMBC Way
Tomslake MMBC Way
Tumbler Ridge Old Way (for now)
Wonowon MMBC Way

Community bins and transfer sites with recycling bins will continue to be the old way.

We have tried to explain this in the best way we know how.  We understand that questions will arise and we don’t want you to think these questions are silly. We know that this is confusing.  We are here to help with this transition in any way we can.  Please call us at 888-689-6328 and let’s talk about it.