By-law Changes Increase the Prohibited Items at our Landfills

By-law Changes Increase the Prohibited Items at our Landfills

April 1, 2012 marks the start of By-law 2005 and By-law 2006.  These changes will effect both residences and businesses in the Peace River Region.  By-law 2005 has added more items to the "Prohibited Waste" list and By-law 2006 has increased fees associated with waste taken to the landfills. 

The items added to the "Prohibited Waste" list are items that are affiliated with Stewards in British Columbia.  These groups have a collection and recycling system in place eliminating the need for these items to go to our landfills. 

The first of these prohibited categories is small appliances.  This includes most items in your household that plug in or are powered by battery.  There are over 120 different items that can be recycled.  These range from your electric toothbrush to your vacuum cleaner.  For a complete list, visit

The next prohibited category involves electronic waste.  This category includes computers, laptops, desktop printers, scanners, and the cords associated.  For a complete list of electronics that are recyclable and restrictions, visit

In addition to all oil related items, antifreeze has been added to the prohibited list.  Because this is a toxic substance,we do not want this to seep into our environment.  All antifreeze and containers must now be recycled at the appropriate locations.  These locations are listed in detail with maps at

For small appliances and electronics, you can take them to these locations:

Chetwynd:  Chetwynd Lions Club Recycling, 4824 54th Street, Chetwynd, BC  250-788-1111

Dawson Creek:  D.C. Campbell Recycling, 925 100th Ave, Dawson Creek, BC  250-782-2020

Fort St. John:  Eco-Depot Recycling Centre, 10107 94th Ave, Fort St. John, BC  250-785-0300

If you have these items and they are still in good working condition, consider donating them to your local thrift store. 

One important fee increase we would like to point out in By-law 2006 is the increased cost of ANY loads containing more than 25% cardboard.  This now applies to everyone in the district.  As mentioned above about  where to take your electronics and small appliances, the same locations also accept cardboard.  

Please help us reduce the waste in the Peace River Region.  Recycle everything you can.  If you aren't sure, you are welcome to call the Northern Environmental Action Team office at 250-785-6328 or send your questions to  We would like to help you reduce your waste.